2020 has been an extremely difficult year for us all. We have been challenged and tested in unimaginable ways and looking after our mental health has never been so important. As we move towards the end of this historic year, we are hopeful that a vaccine is becoming a reality and that our lives will return to what they once were.

For some of us though, this will not be an easy transition and for some, this return is unimaginable right now. Unfortunately, the rates of suicide have risen around the world as people find themselves in situations they never believed possible. These deaths, we believe, are preventable.  Solace House Canada want to be there in 2021 to provide free, one-to-one therapy for those who need it the most.

Through our Gift of Tomorrow Appeal we are asking companies, groups and individuals to make the end of 2020 positive and hopeful through giving. Every single dollar and cent will go towards opening our service in 2021.

Help us be Dawn after Darkness for our clients.


You can donate directly to our Gift of Tomorrow Appeal.

Just go to https://www.canadahelps.org/en/charities/solace-house-canada/campaign/the-gift-of-tomorrow/

All donations will receive a tax receipt.


Most companies and organizations donate to charities at this time of the year. Talk to them about donating to Solace House Canada this year. We can provide you with an introduction pack and even set up a call with our Executive Director, Diane Flanagan and your company to explain more about Solace House Canada.


Many companies match employees donations to charities at this time of year. If your company does this and you donate through United Way, you can specify that you would like your donation to go to Solace House Canada. This choice makes no difference to the money your company was going to give but it will make a massive difference to us. We can provide you with an introduction pack to Solace House Canada and set up a call with our Executive Director to help introduce and explain Solace House Canada to your company.

Our charity number is 769331471 RR0001


Telling people about Solace House Canada helps us enormously. We have only come this far because people told their family, friends and colleagues about us. Solace House Canada is a community project and with every donor and supporter we grow a little more. We understand that is a difficult time for a lot of people right now so if you can't help us financially you can help us by spreading the word.


Share, share, share  and share our social media pages and posts. It widens our audience and introduces us to a wider our community.