No doubt your inbox and social media accounts are filled with people and companies telling you why you need to make ridiculous New Year resolutions.  We at Solace House Canada want you to make only one …….IN 2021 I WILL LOOK AFTER MY MENTAL HEALTH FIRST. 

Every decision and choice you make this year will only be made after you consider how it will affect your mental health. This is the simplest way to look after yourself physically, emotionally and mentally.

Should you eat healthily ?

Of course, but sometimes  we need a cup of tea, some chocolate and time to gather our thoughts.

Should you exercise ?

Of course, but sometimes we need to call a friend and hear a friendly voice.


Mental Health FIRST. 


Throughout the month of January we will be sending you emails with ideas, tips and tricks to help you look after your mental health. We will be also organizing workshops and meetings to help set you up for a great year ahead.


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About this Event

A vision wallet card is a creative and playful way to explore your vision goals for your life and concretize them in a meaningful way. Working with text, images and symbols , this activity will inspire participants to communicate their dreams visually on a small wallet sized card using various art techniques.

Deborah Nolan has worked as an arts educator for over 20 years with a background in managed arts education programs and events in various galleries across the GTA. Amongst many other roles including facilitating art workshops and contributions to non-profit organizations she is best known for her vision book workshops. Deborah will guide you through this therapeutic activity using a variety of artistic methods. Be prepared for a fun an interactive session!