Solace House Canada is a registered Canadian Charity.
The Charity comprises of Members, Board of Directors, Executive Director,Fundraising and Outreach Committee and Volunteers. We are working together to open Solace House Canada and keep our service running for those who need us for years to come.

The 3 non-negotiables for Volunteering with Solace House Canada are:

Positivity and Kindness

We will open the doors of Solace House Canada, problems are just obstacles on our path.
Kindness with other volunteers especially when problems arise. Kindness the people we meet and work with as part of the Solace House Canada family. Above all, kindness to ourselves.

Passion & Determination

Passion to see the doors of Solace House Canada open and providing service no matter what problems may arise. Determined that nothing will impede that goal.

Getting stuck in
Don't wait to be asked. Look for ways to help. To improve, to reach, to engage, to fundraise.


Welcome to the Community - we can't wait to work with you.