The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step….

Solace House Canada is a suicide awareness and prevention charity.


Who are we ?

In 2014 a small group of people came together to raise money for suicide prevention and awareness in Toronto. We began by organizing a Sunrise Walk™ representing the light we hoped everyone would find when struggling with suicide. Between 2015 and 2019 we held this walk as well as numerous other fundraising events to support local mental health charities. Though we were helping these charities to continue their service we felt that Toronto needed a more direct, barrier and stigma free way of helping people with suicidal thoughts and feelings. In 2018, we approached Solace House US, a successful suicide prevention and awareness charity,
to help us establish a similar charity in Canada.

Our aim was to set up a charity which would provide free one-to-one counselling to those who needed it the most. We also wanted to support families and loved ones of those who had died by suicide and to advance the national conversation on mental health and suicide.

In 2019 we were granted our not-for-profit status and in 2020 we were granted our charitable status. Though 2020 wasn’t the easiest year in which to establish a new charity, we received amazing support and encouragement from our community. 2021 brings with it new challenges for everyone in Canada and we believe our service and support is needed now more than ever.


Our Service: 

Once established, we will provide free, one-to-one counselling for people who are in suicidal distress, have made a suicide attempt, engage in self-harm and/or have been bereaved by suicide. The Solace House Canada therapeutic model is client- centered and strengths based. Our approach allows the client to begin therapy wherever they are in their life. Treatment will be tailored to each individual’s strengths, challenges and preferences.

We will also offer family support for our client’s loved ones, group bereavement counselling and community awareness workshops. Providing psychoeducation about suicide prevention. By educating the public, we are empowering our community to help prevent suicides and empowering individuals to become vital links between our life-saving services and someone in need.


Our Goal:

To prevent suicide, one person at a time by supporting, empowering and educating

Our Mission:

To advocate for the mental health of all. To provide counselling and support to individuals who come to Solace House Canada, seeking help. To promote and advance the nationwide discussion on mental health. To encourage and support individuals talking about their mental health, in particular, suicidal thoughts and feelings. To be a source of education and knowledge.

We strive to be the  DAWN AFTER DARKNESS™  for our clients.


There is a LOT of work ahead of us to open the doors of the first Solace House Canada centre but we are sure with your support we will get there. We are always looking for people, businesses and companies to join our community, to push us on, to help us open the doors all the sooner.

If you think you can help please get in touch.

Our wish… is to make REALLY talking about your mental health part of daily life.