The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step….

For Solace House Canada that first step was an email to Pieta House in Ireland to organize Toronto’s first Darkness into Light walk. The huge success of this walk in 2015 led inevitably to further walks in 2016 and 2017. These walks were the centre of a developing community, a community that were passionate about mental health and eager to establish a place in Toronto where people who were struggling could get the help they needed when they needed it and for free. The eagerness of this community to make this place a reality led us to Solace House US which like Pieta House was set up by Irish Senator Joan Freeman. Solace House US were extremely welcoming and knowledgeable about what it would take to make Solace House Canada happen. Their support and experience was invaluable and they continue to be a source of help and expertise to us as we work to open the doors of Solace House Canada.
In 2018, Toronto held it’s first Sunrise Walk, our first fundraising event where the funds were going directly towards the establishment Solace House Canada. This walk was extremely well supported and it raised enough money to start the ball rolling …… though that was still to be uphill for much of the next year ! In September 2019 Solace House Canada achieved not-for-profit status, a huge milestone in the work that had involved so many, for so long. It was hoped that our charitable status would have been awarded in early 2020 but Covid-19 happened and we are still waiting for this important day.
In the meantime, our community continues to work to establish Solace House Canada. We are looking forward to Solace House Canada Day on the 6th June 2020 and we hope to reschedule this year’s Sunrise Walk in early Fall.
There is a LOT of work ahead of us and though we know we will get there, we are always looking for people, businesses and companies to join our community, to push us on, to help us open the doors of Solace House Canada all the sooner.
If you think you can help please get in touch.
Our goal is to make REALLY talking about your mental health part of daily life.